Make money by playing! “MyLands”

And now let’s talk about the main and the most interesting thing — the money. The main attraction of «My Lands» is that you may not just simply play it but also make money at the same time, and you should note that the money is not little at all! This is available to all players without exception, as long as the players want to use this feature.

Your real money is the priceless resource of «Black pearls». You can earn it through several ways — defeating monsters, acquiring them at the Salty lake, buying on auctions by paying for Black pearls with the money that you have made in the game. The more pearls you have, the more money you have that you can spend in real life.

Another nice point — the registration in the «MyLands» game takes only one minute, and you won’t need to pay any money to anyone for it. You can play for free as long as you want to. Are you still spending time on other games? And some other people make money as they play!

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