A trip into “My Lands” game

Before starting the game, you need to decide what side you are on — the good or the evil. You can choose any race — the knights or the elfs. And after that, you will be in your own territory — a whole empire will be at your service, the prosperity of which from now on completely and fully depends on you.

We have mentioned above that the graphics in «MyLands» is above all praise — even the smallest details have been thought through, the animation is just stunning. In other words, the game will bring in only positive emotions even if you are a very demanding and picky player.

Besides, you will definitely be happy from seeing the variety of quests available — there are so many of them, and they are all so dynamic and entertaining that for the next few years you will just not need to wonder about the usual question what to play with. Other than the quests, you will see another lot of adventures — fights with neighbors, puzzles, etc.

So, one more time about the advantages of the game «My Lands»:

Simple registration and availability.
Professional colorful graphics and animation.
Many entertaining quests.
An ability to play with friends.
Withdrawing money into actual money.

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